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Pain - I Pirs Georgievich Latvian mathematician. In his master's thesis (1893) he laid the foundations of the theory of almost periodic functions (see. Periodic function), having studied the so-called. quasiperiodic functions, v. Great Soviet encyclopedia pain - pain g.

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Pain in the mouth - B. in the joint, arising at the beginning of the movement, and then disappearing or weakening; observed, for example, with nonspecific infectious arthritis, osteoarthritis. Pain thalamic and chesky (d. Thalamicus) - burning B., spreading, as a rule, to half of the body, arising from damage to the optic hillock on the opposite side. The pain is dull and I (d. Obtusus) - B., characterized by a gradual onset and a barely noticeable increase in intensity. Pain fant about me (French fantôme from the Greek phantasma ghost, representation) - B., localized by the patient in the missing limb.

Premenstrual pain (d. Praemenstrualis) - B. of a pulling character, localized in the lower abdomen and in the lower back, arising before menstruation due to increased blood flow to the pelvic organs. Projection pain - B. in the zone of innervation of the peripheral nerve, arising from irritation of its trunk, for example, by a pathological process. Pain r and nnyaya (d. Praecox) - B. in the epigastric (epigastric) area, arising soon after eating; observed, for example, with gastric ulcer. Seasonal pain - B., appearing or intensifying at a certain time of the year; for example, B. s. in spring and autumn with peptic ulcer disease. Pain is symptomatic and chesky (d. Symptomaticus) - B., arising from various pathological processes in organs and tissues due to irritation of the sensitive nerve fibers located in them.

Pain in the air (d. Acutus) - B., suddenly starting and rapidly increasing to maximum intensity. Reflected pain (synonym B. repercussion) - B., arising in organs and tissues that do not have morphological changes, due to the involvement of the sympathetic nervous system in a pathological process, localized elsewhere, more often in any internal organs. Pain late (d. Tardus) - B. in the epigastric (epigastric) region, arising a few hours after eating; observed, for example, with duodenal ulcer.




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Pain between menstrual periods (d. Intermenstrualis) - B. of a pulling character, localized in the lower abdomen and in the lower back; occurs, as a rule, during ovulation. Pain neuralgic and chesky (d. Neuralgicus) - intense paroxysmal. Pain with neuralgia of sensory and mixed nerves, often accompanied by hyperemia, sweating and swelling of the skin in the area of ​​its localization. Shrinking pain - B. in the epigastric (epigastric) region, radiating to the left and right, covering the body at the level of the lower thoracic and upper lumbar vertebrae; observed with cholecystitis, pancreatitis, duodenal ulcer and some other diseases.

The pain is radiating and radiating - B., transmitted to an area remote from the pathological focus. Facial pain and I (syn. Prosopalgia) - B. in the face, regardless of its origin. Pain l at night (d. Alveolaris) - B., localized in the alveolus of the tooth in the inflammatory process that develops after tooth extraction.